Velvet greens and Beau Brummel hair..

Sunday flashing of greens, velvety inspired by early 1800’s frock coats. Further Sunday read also recommended…

After a disgusting amount of Netflix-binging throughout the pandemic, it has inevitably had both a visual and mental impact. Days where I wish I owned a velvet frock coat, and other peculiar impulses…

Flannels and Tank make nice company for velvet…

Summer tassels acting indoor in the winter season.

Racing Green rollneck, gifted for christmas by my sweet lady.

Some series have made me seriously consider a Brummel-esque hairstyle. Even though there is no shortage of flour or horrible wig tax pestering us. And the fact that I despite over 45 years on this planet probably still can not grow style-appropriate sideburns to go with it. Learn more about Brummels hair in this digital short story. A woollen blackwatch house coat has also completed the home attire. Potentially more on that, in a later note.

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2 kommentarer till Velvet greens and Beau Brummel hair..

  1. Martin skriver:

    Vad är det för modell/ref på din klocka? Mycket fin!


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